Around the Book Blogosphere #24 — Book Synopses, Favorite Books, and Glitter

Around the Book Blogosphere #24 — Book Synopses, Favorite Books, and Glitter

“Around the Book Blogosphere” is a feature to share posts from other book blogs or other book-related websites that I have enjoyed reading.  Book bloggers are a part of a community and this is my way of sharing the love. Enjoy!

Video Interview with Author Claire Contreras

The Review Loft interviewed New York Times Bestselling Author Claire Contreras!

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Blurb Love!! <3

Reading is my Breathing unveiled a new feature on her blog this week and I love it. It’s called Blurb Love and she’ll be asking you if the featured synopses make you want to read the book in without knowing the author or the title.

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Speaking of Blurbs…

Novel Sounds asks, “Do Blurbs Work?”

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Confessions from Tough Critic Book Reviews!

Confess colleen hoover

Mollie from Tough Critic Book Reviews is posting seven days of confessions to celebrate the March 10th release of Confess by Colleen Hoover. She even did one of her fabulous book trailers!

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Do you read the Book Extras?

Check out Tricia’s post over at Cristina’s Book Reviews.

book funny

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Top Ten Books from the Past 3 Years!

Two Chicks on Books Great Imaginations
Snuggly Oranges Once Upon a Twilight
The Starry-Eyed Revue Lost in Literature
Xpresso Reads Jenn Renee Read
Fiction Fare BCS Reviews
Effortlessly Reading Little Read Riding Hood
The Book Bosses Three Little Birds Book Blog

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This Week’s New Releases

Under the Covers Book Blog has a nice round-up of some books that released this week!

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Where I See Fashion: Between the Notes

between the notes by Sharon Huss Roat


I love these posts from Mostly YA Book Obsessed. She always finds the perfect outfits to go with the covers!

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Deep Thoughts from The Book Bosses!

Uh oh…JJ has something to say… 😉

deep thoughts book bosses

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Book Trailer: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Entertainment Weekly revealed the book trailer for the upcoming young adult fantasy, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir!

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Series Reveal: All That Glitters series by K.A. Linde

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* Click on the links to check out some of the cover reveals you may have missed! *

Reviews I enjoyed reading!

Note: I haven’t read many of these books. I’m simply sharing my fellow bloggers’ reviews. I hope you find some book recommendations from these!

By Any Other Name by J.M. Darhower

By Any Other Name by J.M. Darhower — 2.5 stars
Reviewed by Lucia from Reading is My Breathing

“…this story ended up being heavy on reckless romance and very light on actual plot. If you require slow burn romance in your books, this is not for you. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it insta-love, but romance between Genna Galante and Matty Barsanti starts out of nothing and pretty quickly. ”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Solitaire by Alice Oseman

Solitaire by Alice Oseman — 2.5 stars
Reviewed by Sarah from Head Stuck in a Book

“I found the main character Tori’s negativity so grating and annoying to read, add to that the plot that was mostly quite frankly boring except for the Solitaire pranks it picked up a little bit towards the end, and the only reason why I read this book all the way through was to find out who the creator of Solitaire was.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon — Reserved Seating
Reviewed by Kelly from Belle of the Literati

“The conflict and journey that Moses and Georgia go through, both separately and together, is agonizingly beautiful. I can’t really say more as to not give away major parts of the plot but just know that the emotions of this story run so deep.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

The Design by R.S. Grey

The Design by R.S. Grey — 4 stars
Reviewed by Daniela from Lost in a Book Blog

“I’m not that into dominant kind of guys, and Greyson may first appears as one, but… as I got to know him a little better, well, I saw something completely different. Yes, he’s determined, and strong, and bossy, but every time he slipped, and his interest showed, you knew he was a goner”

Amazon: USUKCAN | GR

The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski — 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Jess from My Reading Dress

“The Winner’s Crime is a breathtaking sequel. It is out there, on the prowl and ready to rid you off your emotional balance. It is a gut-wrenching read. The audience will be taken on a torturous journey as Kestrel and Arin each undergo a respective bildungsroman and are left in the aftermath, grappling in the dark for some sense of truth.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

I Remember You by Cathleen Davitt Bell

I Remember You by Cathleen Davitt Bell — 2 stars
Reviewed by Sara from Forever 17 Books

“I Remember You has an interesting premise about a boy who has memories of the future. Kind of strange, right? I mean, how is that possible?…I wasn’t feeling the love connection. At least for well over half the book.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Everything That Makes You by Moriah McStay

Everything That Makes You by Moriah McStay — 2 stars
Reviewed by Giselle from Xpresso Reads

“This book was a solid 4-stars at first, but once the intriguing factor wore off I just got bored and then confused. It’s a good premise, but one that was executed much better in a few other books I’ve read: Just Like Fate and Pivot Point.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

With Every Heartbeat Kage

With Every Heartbeat by Linda Kage — 5 stars
Reviewed by Jen from Three Chicks and Their Books

“What I love about this series is that each one is different and unique in their own way. Each couple has their own story to tell. I love how Ms. Kage brings out all of the emotions in you.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp

My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp — 5 stars
Reviewed by Jaime from Fiction Fare

“I don’t know how to explain this, but this is one of those stories that will catch you off guard and worm its way into your heart. There isn’t a ton of action or suspense here, but it’s the story of a summer… one filled with so many firsts and just as many lasts, a summer spent learning who you want to be and finding people who you can trust your heart and soul with and a summer spent finding your “meant-to-be”.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


On the Fence by Kasie West

On the Fence by Kasie West — 5 stars
Reviewed by Amber from Paradise of Pages

“This book was so heartwarming, there is no way any one could put it down once they started. I can see this being good for younger readers as well as older.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios

I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios — 5 stars
Reviewed by Erin from Lit Slave

“I not only was hanging on to every word, I felt like my pores were even soaking up the words. Not many times in my reading do I come across beauty, and magic like this. I just want to wrap myself up in this feeling and never let go!”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Losers Weepers (Lost and Found #4) by Nicole Williams

Losers Weepers by Nicole Williams — 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Nick’s Book Blog

“Losers Weepers was a bit of a rough ride of a book, but I’m honestly glad I gave it a shot because these characters hold a special place in my heart.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Rule by Jay Crownover

Rule by Jay Crownover — VIP
Reviewed by Kelly from Belle of the Literati

“ A hate to love relationship. A book I could not put down even with the African Sahara in front of me.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Mosquitoland by David Arnold

Mosquitoland by David Arnold — 5 stars
Reviewed by Jen from Pop! Goes the Reader

“Fresh. Honest. Offbeat. Authentic. Eccentric. Heartbreaking. Hopeful. Incomparable. Unforgettable. These are just a few of the words that come immediately to mind when I think of David Arnold’s masterful 2015 debut, none of which feel remotely adequate in capturing even a smidgen of what I feel for this novel.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Becoming Rain by K.A. Tucker

Becoming Rain by K.A. Tucker — 4 stars
Reviewed by Rachel from The Reader’s Den

“Becoming Rain was less mysterious and dangerous than Burying Water (the first book in this series), falling more into the category of romance with a bit of danger and suspense thrown in, but definitely an addictive read.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Beneath This Ink by Meghan March

Beneath This Ink by Meghan March
Reviewed by Teri Beth from Lives and Breaths Book Blog

“This book was nothing like I expected it to be; it was better. It wasn’t just a romance, a mystery was blended in perfectly and kept the story constantly throwing unexpected twists and turns my way.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Stealing Rose by Monica Murphy

Stealing Rose by Monica Murphy — 4 stars
Reviewed by Eva from Biblio Belles

“I finished this book in a day, I really didn’t want to put it down and that was greatly due to the writing. I find Monica’s books always easy to read and I know I’m going to get a hot romance with a whole load of heart.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Rock Grey

Rock by Kendall Grey — 5 stars
Reviewed by Krystle from K&M Book Haven

“Rock has an incredible story line and I truly enjoyed it. I know that Kendall dug deep down for this one and that it means a ton to her. I think she was so brave to put this story out there after all she has been through in her own journey and I admire her more than ever for it!”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Fall Out Girl by L. Duarte

Fall Out Girl by L. Duarte — 5 stars
Reviewed by Sarah from Head Stuck in A Book

“With an ending that will have you reaching for the tissues there is never a dull moment.

I thoroughly enjoyed Luciana’s writing, so much so that I finished this in one sitting, I was enraptured from the very first page, I will certainly be picking up her other books”

Amazon: USUKCAN | GR

Boy Toy Chronicles - Volume One by Jay McLean

Boy Toy Vol. 1 by Jay McLean — 5 stars
Reviewed by AJ from No BS Book Reviews

“This was SUCH a fun read! Like I said, it’s a quick one, but Jay McLean manages to tell a great story that was highly entertaining and left me with a huge grin on my face. This is a fantastic bunch of characters, and I can’t wait for more stories from this bunch of guys.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | GR

Captive Brighton Walsh

Captive by Brighton Walsh — Top Shelf
Reviewed by Christina from The Book Hookup

“One of the biggest achievements that Captive has going for it is that it never felt insta-lovish, and that was an aspect that I truly appreciated. It takes a while to reach an intimate level, but once they allow themselves to explore the crazy chemistry between them, it’s rather explosive, and I enjoyed that a lot. (Wall sex FTW!)”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Hero by Samantha Young

Hero by Samantha Young — 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Autumn from The Autumn Review

“Overall, I really enjoyed it and as I said above, I devoured this book in one afternoon. I got sucked into their past and the life they wanted to create together. Young is an artful writer who knows how to create characters that readers fall in love with and stories that remain plastered to your heart.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway

Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway — 5 stars
Reviewed by Totally Booked

“Their story is without question a must read and we can’t recommend it highly enough. There were uncountable moments of brilliance and magnificent scene setting that gave us shivers.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

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