Around the Book Blogosphere #14 — Fake Reviews, The Raven Cycle, Holiday Romances, and Naked Books!

Around the Book Blogosphere #14 — Fake Reviews, The Raven Cycle, Holiday Romances, and Naked Books!

“Around the Book Blogosphere” is a feature to share posts from other book blogs or other book-related websites that I have enjoyed reading.  Book blogging is all about sharing the love, right?


This is a really old Parajunkee post, but I just had to share.  She mentions something that is going on in the blogging world and it really grinds my gears.  Apparently, some bloggers write fake reviews, meaning they get ARCs and then don’t acutally read them. They base their review off of other people’s reviews.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  That is wrong on so many levels.  Ugh!

Here is what Parajunkee said:  “Can they really read that many books? Some can, I’ll give them that. Oh Yee Super Women! But, some are faking it. They are basing their reviews off of other people’s reviews. Saying they read these books, but really only reading maybe the first chapter, or none at all. These are usually the hardest to spot. They don’t plagiarize the reviews, they just go and read what other people say about the books and then form their own opinions based on reviews not the actual book.”

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Top Ten Books I want to Re-Read!

What are some of the books you want to reread? I know I have several.  Here are some of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday Answers:

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Check out all the stops on tour!
I’ve heard nothing but good things about Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle series.  Blue Lily, Lily Blue (Bk #3) just came out last month and am so excited to dig in to this series soon!

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The Book Boyfriend Election Results!

Go to My Book Muse to see who won!!

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Releases you won’t want to miss

Lucia from Reading is my Breathing lays it all out for you! Check out her list of November and December book releases you will need to read!

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The Book Bosses Bring the LULz!

Top Ten Things You Probably Won’t Read in a Romance Novel.  The title says it all.  Check out JJ and Hildy’s hilarious post! I am 100% sure I haven’t read any of those in a novel and if I did, I would promptly put it down. LOL!

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HOLIDAY ROMANCES from Fiction Fare

Jaime from Fiction Fare reeeaaallllly loves Holiday Romances. I can’t say I’ve ever read a strictly holiday-themed romance, but maybe I should.  She has a rather extensive list of her favorite Holiday Romances and some that she’s excited to read!

Look at her list of Holiday Romances here!

Room at the Inn by Ruthie Knox Wanderlust by Kitty French Christmas in Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis

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Naked Books!

No BS Book Reviews has a fun feature called Novel Nudity in which they strip hardcovers down to their skivvies and see what’s underneath.  Sounds kinky, right?  That’s because it is! This week, they undress Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull.

Creep on their other Novel Nudity posts!

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Author Alarms!

I came across this gem on Facebook! This is a new site that will send you an email when your favorite authors release a new book! How cool is that?  You can sign up at over at Author Alarms.

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Behind the Scenes with Author Ryan Graudin

I’ve been seeing this book pop up everywhere! Xpresso Reads has an inside look on writing The Walled City by Ryan Graudin.

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VILMA interviews Molly McAdams, Christina Lee, A.L. Jackson, and Tiffany King!

Vilma’s Book Blog interviewed the authors of the new anthology, WHEN WE MET, on video! Check out their fun interview!

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I want to read this book based on this GIF Review alone!!

Check out Effotlessly Reading’s post to find out what book it is! (Here is a hint)

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Do Re-Reads change your opinion on books?

Into the Hall of Books asks this question in her “Time to Talk” discussion post this week! I know when I think back to some of the books I read and loved years ago, I don’t think I would have loved them as much had I read them now.  What about you?

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* Click on the links to check out some of the cover reveals you may have missed! *

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Reviews I enjoyed reading!

Violet Addiction by Kirsty Dallas

VIOLET ADDICTION by Kirsty Dallas — 4 stars
Reviewed by BCS Reviews

“I felt so much with this story. It was not a simple story and Kirtsy Dallas wrote it with heart and grit. At times I really didn’t know how the story would end but I enjoyed throughout.”

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerksi

THE EDGE OF NEVER by J.A. Redmerksi — 3 stars
Reviewed by Mostly YA Book Obsessed

“I thought it was sweet seeing them grow close as friends and slowly let down their walls while going on this cross-country trip.  Their time together was cute and fun and loaded with sexual tension and innuendos.”

A Darker Past by Jus Accardo

A DARKER PAST (DARKER AGENCY #2) by Jus Accardo — 4 stars
Reviewed by Nick’s Book Blog

“In addition to a great romance and lovely characters, A Darker Past also had a fun plot which began as a result of a mirror breaking and a crazy homicidal demon being released into the world. It was entertaining watching Jessie, Lukas, her family, her witch best friend and her boss working together as a unit to solve the problem. It was most definitely a thrilling read!”

Nocte by Courtney Cole

NOCTE by Courtney Cole — 5 stars
Reviewed by Julie from Little Read Riding Hood

“NOCTE is a dark, twisted tale that will leave you anticipating the next story in this series. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared for the revelations surrounding the truth. Will you be ready?”

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Ravel Cycle #3) by Maggie Stiefvate

BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE (The Ravel Cycle #3) by Maggie Stiefvater — She’s into it
Reviewed by Novel Sounds

The reason why I love the Raven Cycle series so much: the relationship between Blue and the Raven Boys. In The Dream Thieves, there was a quote about how Blue is a little bit in love with them and in Blue Lily, Lily Blue, it’s about how they are all in love with another. I may not understand plot but I UNDERSTAND FEELINGS!! They’re all intertwined with each other and I am so invested in all of them so STIEFVATER BETTER NOT KILL ANY OF THEM, DAMMIT. (ugh, she totally is though)”

After by Anna Todd

AFTER by Anna Todd — 5 stars
Reviewed by Once Upon a Twilight

“Give me a broken boy and a hot angst-ridden relationship any day of the week.
I couldn’t put this book down! It went with me everywhere so I could get my Hessa fix every spare moment I had. Talk about getting hooked from page one!”

Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh

CAGED IN WINTER by Brighton Walsh — 3 stars
Reviewed by My Book Muse

“Caged in Winter wasn’t perfect and had it’s moments of predictability but overall it was a very enjoyable read.While the relationship between Winter and Cade is satisfying, the only issue I really had with this story is Winter. Her pride, as well as her refusal to let anyone in, make it hard to connect with her.”

Wreck Me (Nova #4) by jessica Sorensen

WRECK ME (NOVA #4) by Jessica Sorensen — Top Shelf
Reviewed by Celeste from The Book Hookup

“The romance in this story is amazing, and it’s just as simple as that. A romance that touches you. It’s all about the hand holding, the kissing (omg, the kissing!!), the touching, the holding.”

Melt by Selene Castrovilla

MELT by Selene Castrovilla — 5 stars
Reviewed by Laura from Once Upon a Twilight

“Is it wrong to say that I LOVED this story when it was so depressing to read? There were times where I was crying, no sobbing, for a fictional character. It was a really difficult read, but these are the types of books I like. Weird, huh? “

All or Nothing: An Abbott Springs Romance by Lexi Ryan

ALL OR NOTHING by Lexi Ryan — 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Shh Mom’s Reading

“All or Nothing features an unrequited love story focusing on Kennedy Hale and his best friend, Aubree Baxter. Kennedy has his life planned out for him though it’s not the life that he wants to live.”

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

THE YOUNG ELITES (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu — 4 stars
Reviewed by Mostly YA Book Obsessed

“I’m excited to see what’s next for Adelina’s character.  I really liked Enzo and the kind of forbidden romance that was formed between him and Adelina.  The progression of their relationship had a great pace for the story although I have no idea where this will go in the next book.”

Love in Spanish cover

LOVE, IN SPANISH by Karina Halle — 5 stars
Reviewed by Reading is my Breathing

“We all knew that no matter how Love, in English ended, Vera and Mateo could not simply ride off into sunset and live happily ever after. This novel serves as insight into complicated life of Mateo and Vera once they decided to be together. Doubts, problems, haters… How will Mateo and Vera deal with them all? Will their love for each other be enough?”

The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare

Reviewed by Beth from The Reading Vixens
“While being quirky and funny this novel still brings you to a new depth of how people grieve, and ways to cope with loss. J.B. is truly an inspirational author who I admire and will forever have on my auto-read list. “

Made by J.M. Darhower

MADE (Forever 0.4) by J.M. Darhower — 5 stars
Reviewed by My Book Muse

“By the time I was down to the last three chapters my emotions got the best of me and I finished this book in tears. I was so choked up that when I called my friend to talk it out I could hardly speak. I may cry from time to time, but it’s been a long time since a book has touched me so deeply.”

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  • I LOVE this weekly feature of yours, I look forward to it every weekend 🙂 Cannot wait to browse through all the posts/reviews you shared!

  • Ok wait… You’re telling me this fake review thing is a real thing?! Seriously? What’s the point of getting ARCs if you’re not going to actually READ them?! That just seems so mean and dishonest. I’m totally not a fan of that.

    (End rant)

    I love your recaps, I’ll definitely be checking out a few of these. 🙂

    • Yes!! It’s a real thing. It happens. And not only is it deceptive to the readers, you’re basically lying to the publishers. And for what? To stay in their good graces so they send you things? I’ve been upset about this since I saw the article. Ugh!

      On a more positive note, I’m glad you like them! I think it’s a fun way to spread the love and share things that I didn’t necessarily share in my posts. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for including me. You are amazing and I love your weekly recap! It’s one of my favorite posts, and I look forward to it weekly.

  • I read about the fake review thing in Word Play by Amalie Silver. Have you read it? It’s pretty good. It’s a satire on the romance world – I think you’d like it. Any who, fake reviews were mentioned but I never took it seriously. Why would someone do that?? But now that I’m a blogger, I have been wondering how some sites can spit out so many reviews in a week. I can barely get two done!

    • Unfortunately, it’s a real thing. If I get my shiz together, I can read a book in 24 hours. And blogs with more than one person can obviously churn it out. I have a full-time job outside of blogging so I logistically can’t read more than 2-3 books a week unless I have days off.

    • And no, I haven’t read that book! I’m going to go look it up right now!

  • I love this weekly recap post! I find so many good posts and blogs – now I’m off to read the Holiday Romance post!

  • I’m glad you added the fake review article on there since so many people aren’t even aware of this. I admit, there have been a few bloggers where I think there is no freaking way you read so many books this fast. Even if you do, when do you have time to write and put together your review. Writing reviews takes time. If I didn’t write any reviews I could probably read twice as many books as I do now. I can listen to 3-5 audiobooks a week, but even still, there is no way I can have a review up every day.
    I think it all comes down to pressure, it sucks. You see all the time the bloggers are taking on co-bloggers just to keep up with the demand…
    Fun posts that I checked out on here. I liked the blogging myths and the romance one 🙂

    • I’m so behind with commenting back (SORRY!) Yes! This whole fake review thing is crazytown. If you’re too busy, just don’t read the book. :/

  • That’s crazy about the whole fake reviewing. I dunno about you, but I have the hardest time writing reviews as is, let alone thinking of doing a cliff-note bait and switch. That is crazy.

    I hate that I read more than I review. Sometimes I can’t muster enough but a simple “I like it/I hate it” and move on. I’m about 100% the bloggers I follow are all trustworthy 🙂

    I love Steph’s Novel Nudity post. Her NN reveal of I Hunt Killers is one of the reasons I started that series.

    Thanks for the shoutout. You are my rockstar <3

  • Ali

    I am in serious like with this feature. I want to steal it, take it home, pet it, make it my own. So much good stuffs!!

    • Start your own! Do it! Spread the Love! There needs to be more love spreading in the book world. There are too many “me monsters” out there. 🙂