Around the Book Blogosphere #16 — Ugly Love Movie, Happily Ever Afters, and Nerd Girl Porn

Around the Book Blogosphere #16 — Ugly Love Movie, Happily Ever Afters, and Nerd Girl Porn

“Around the Book Blogosphere” is a feature to share posts from other book blogs or other book-related websites that I have enjoyed reading.  Book blogging is all about sharing the love, right?

Nick Bateman as Miles Archer?!?  An Ugly Love Move?!? 

Nike Bateman caused quite a frenzy on the internet yesterday when he posted this picture on his Instagram.

Check out what Colleen Hoover had to say about these developments.
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Happily Ever After vs. Justice!

I found a new blog via Reading is My Dreaming called The Reading Dress this week.  She wrote a fantastic post on Happily Ever Afters that I think you reading.  Basically she was posing the question, “Are HEAs really about the romance or is it about justice?” I thought that was a fantastic discussion post.  While many books do end happily with the heroine and hero ending up together in the end, what I want in the end is for the ending to fit the story and the characters. I can think of one very popular YA series  that ends happily, but I was still left wanting more. There was a sense of justice for the characters and story, but I was not satisfied overall with how the author left the story.  What about you?

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{Let’s Talk About Books} Is it you? Is it me? Is it the timing?

Kristilyn from Reading In Winter wrote a great post on how her reading tastes have changed over the years.  Are there some books that you read years ago that you think you would enjoy more now that you’ve read more books. Or alternatively, are there some books that you read a few years ago that you would feel differently about now?

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was “Top Ten Book Sequels I Can’t Wait to Get!”  Here are some of the blog’s picks! What are yours?

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JJ and Hildy from The Book Bosses have been on fire lately with their thoughtful discussion posts.  These ladies DETEST spoilers.  I love them for that.  Check out JJ’s post about spoilers!

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Teaser from Saving Poughkeepsie!

Head on over to The Autumn Review to read an exclusive teaser from the next installment from Debra Anastasia’s The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series!

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I hate it when this character _________! Ugh!

The Reading Dress wrote a funny post about character quirks.  Are there certain small things that bug you about certain characters?

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Mostly YA Book Obsessed started a new fun feature called “Where I see Fashion!” I love this idea!!

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Nerd Girl Porn!

Beth and Erin from Lit Slave started a new feature this week called Nerd Girl Porn in which they share some of the book covers, teasers, and other book-related graphics from around the web.  Thanks for the shout-out ladies!

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Abby from Up All Night Book Blog wrote a quick list of sexy terms that should never be used. I LOL’d. Check it out for a good laugh.

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Mandy from Raw Books wrote a post on the state of the indie world and self-publishing with such passion.

“With an over-saturated market, the task of finding the diamonds in the rough has become daunting and frankly, I don’t want to do it anymore.”

YES! That’s where I am right now.  I love the indie world and I always will.  However, it’s so hard to find the special gem of a book like it was a couple of years ago.

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Elena from Novel Sounds put together the perfect gift list for her and other book lovers! See what she picked!

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Cheating in Fiction: Yes or no?

Tricia from Cristina’s Book Reviews talks about cheating in fiction and her thoughts on the issue.  This is a touchy subject for a lot of people.  For me personally, I’m not turned off by cheating per se. There are, however, moments where I don’t think it works or I hate it.

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Reviews I enjoyed reading!

Inside Out (Off the Map #3) by Lia Riley

INSIDE OUT (OFF THE MAP #3) by Lia Riley — Top Shelf
Reviewed by Celeste from The Book Hookup

“The romance is divine. I don’t know how Ms. Riley wrote 3 whole books yet kept it fresh, smexy, and hot every single time. You’d think it would have gotten old, but there was always something that either made my heart flutter or break out into a sweat to fan myself.”

The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout

THE RETURN by Jennifer L. Armentrout — 4 stars
Reviewed by Book Passion for Life

“The plot of the story is engaging and intriguing, it’s dangerous and exciting and did I mention hot? Oh yeah, it’s hot! They story is also mixed with Covenant and Titan details and I loved that. It’s was like getting the best of both world. And some of my favourite characters made appearances too – Deacon and Luke.”

Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

SINNER (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3.5) by Maggie Stiefvater – 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Reading Lark

“Maggie’s use of voice makes me want to be her when I grow up. Each character is so perfectly distinct and individual, and when they get their turn to tell the story, the reader sees all of the events through their personal lens. All of these huge personalities, when stripped of their public facades, share the same questions about themselves: their worth, their purpose, and whether they have what it takes to persevere.”

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by Shannon McCrimmon

KISS ME HARD BEFORE YOU GO by Shannon McCrimmon – 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Leslie from The Indie Bookshelf

“Set in the 70s, this sweet and nicely written YA story will pull you back in time to an era nearly forgotten. With it’s nostalgic feel of farmland and cattle and a delightful quaint town, I promise, you’ll feel like you were actually there. I know I did.”

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins – 4 stars
Reviewed by Snuggly Oranges

“The whole childhood romance, reminiscing about past crushes thing was adorable, and Cricket is pretty much the golden boy. It’s not hard to see why Lola would be so fond of him. Their chemistry and their interactions are all of the adorbs. Srsly, there are window conversations and notes, and it is just too cute for words.”

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

THE WINNER’S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski – 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Kayla from My Book Muse

“…as often as I hesitate to step into the fantasy genre I always manage to come back and The Winner’s Curse reminds me exactly why I do. Told in duel POV, The Winner’s Curse is a story with forbidden love set amidst politics, social classes and war.”

On the Edge by Allison van Diepen

ON THE EDGE by Allison van Diepen — 3 stars
Reviewed by Amy from Xpresso Reads

“Even though the characters didn’t pull strong emotion out of me, I did feel for them. Just not as strongly as I would have liked. A story like this should have broken my heart. Should have had me grabbing for the tissue box for all the people who were affected by this horrible place. I wanted to feel that, but sadly I didn’t.”

For the Thrill (Beyond Blood #1) by Nora Flite

FOR THE THRILL (BEYOND BLOOD #1) by Nora Flite – 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Three Chicks and Their Books

“I just finished For the Thrill and Oh My God, Jacob and Kite, sigh. They are hitmen who really don’t care about anyone else. I mean of course not, they kill for a living. So is it so wrong that I completely fell for the two of them? Because I did and I can see why Marina is just as fascinated with them.”

For the Record by K.A. Linde

FOR THE RECORD (Record #3) by K.A. Linde – 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Shh Mom’s Reading

“I truly enjoyed the little treat we had at the end with the final chapter being in Brady’s POV plus the epilogue was pure bliss. By the end of the book, I had chills (in a good way!) and I was truly happy to see their life come full circle.”

Under Different Stars by Amy Bartol

UNDER DIFFERENT STARS by Amy Bartol – 4 stars
Reviewed by Nick’s Book Blog

“In addition to some great characters, Under Different Stars also had a fantastic romance. It was very much a slow-burn romance that gave me many feels. I love relationships that start off with the two parties involved being wary of each other, but then eventually warm up to each other.”

The Weight of Destiny by Nyrae Dawn

THE WEIGHT OF DESTINY by Nyrae Dawn – 4 stars
Reviewed by Mostly YA Book Obsessed

“They met by accident and slowly became friends before becoming something more. I loved how Ryder loved spending time with Virginia, even if it was just doing homework (with some stolen kisses). I loved how they both helped each other find out what they want out of life. As always, Nyrae writes these realistic and relatable characters that you can’t help but fall for. “

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Favorite Book Tropes

Check out Book Bumblings’ post on her Favorite Book Tropes. I’m always fond of the friends to lovers storyline.  There is such much room for relationship development and tension! What are some of your favorites?

Sisterhood of the World Book Bloggers Tag Part 1 via The Book Belles

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