What I’m Digging #15 — Binds by Rebecca Espinoza

What I’m Digging #15 — Binds by Rebecca Espinoza

What I’m Digging is a weekly feature in which I share my bookish finds with you. This can range from jewelry to clothes to home decorations. I find so many neat bookish things on Pinterest, Etsy, and elsewhere. I thought I would share my finds with you. Who doesn’t love book-related goodies?

What I'm Digging #15 — Binds by Rebecca Espinoza

1.) Binds by Rebecca Espinoza
Binds is Rebecca Espinoza’s debut novel and I LOVED LOVED it! It’s an urban fantasy novel about a woman named Ophelia who is married to a politician and is later taken by an underground group planning on government takedown.  The people who take her are….different.  I want everyone to read it!
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FREE!!!!!!, Amazon

2.) Harry Potter Laptop Decal
This was one of my favorite Harry Potter lines.  This decal says, “…you have the emotional range of a teaspoon.”  Oh Ron!
$12.50, Etsy (Seller: MarkedCo)

3.) 16 Inch Hunger Games Book Lamp
I outted myself on Facebook last week when I admitted that I hadn’t read The Hunger Games series. I want to, I just haven’t.  But even though I haven’t read it, I STILL WANT THIS LAMP!  It features pages from the series! How cool!!
$54.50, Etsy (Seller: TheSkep)

4.) Unseelie Sushi Juice Coffee Mugs
If you don’t know what Unseelie Sushi Juice is, then you need to go right here and one-click that shiz.  The mug is the prefect mug for Fever series fans.  Mmmmmm juice.
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$20.80, Zazzle

5.) The Literal Heart of Jesus T-Shirt
I know, I know more The Fault in Our Stars stuff.  But I LOVE this shirt and this book!
$28.50, Etsy (Seller:  AppraisingPagesShop)

6.)  “Orlando Bloom Wants You to Read” Keychain
I couldn’t not put this on a Digging post.  I mean, it’s Orlando Bloom.  And he’s on a book-related keychain (They have this on a poster and a bookmark too).  When he’s not getting in fights with Justin Bieber, he’s reading a book, man!  Get it!  The ALA also has Kiera Knightley stuff.  Haha!
$7.00, American Library Association

Which of my picks this week would you choose?  Have you found any fun book-related goodies lately?

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