Around the Book Blogosphere #19 — Best Reads of 2014, Cookies & Books, Most Anticipated of 2015!

Around the Book Blogosphere #19 — Best Reads of 2014, Cookies & Books, Most Anticipated of 2015!

“Around the Book Blogosphere” is a feature to share posts from other book blogs or other book-related websites that I have enjoyed reading.  Book blogging is all about sharing the love, right?

The Blogosphere’s top reads of 2014!

Once Upon a Twilight Snuggly Oranges
Into the Hall of Books Pop! Goes the Reader
Lovin’ Los Libros The Reader’s Den
Fiction Fare The Starry-Eyed Revue
Great Imaginations The Book Bosses
Reading YA Rocks Daisy Chain Book Reviews

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Fangirl News!! Keep Calm and “Carry on”

Fangirl fangirls!! Check out the awesome news at Once Upon a Time!!

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Mostly YA Book Obsessed Reading YA Rocks
K-Books Rabid Reads
The Starry-Eyed Revue

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San Fran Golden Gate Author Event

Hook Me Up Book Blog is planning an awesome author for August 2015! Get the details here!

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NOVL GIF-t Guide

I love this idea! The Novl (a.k.a. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) had an awesome idea to take a book and match it up with GIFs.

Check out The Coldest Girl in Cold Town’s post at Once Upon A Twilight 
Check out more awesome Novl GIF-t Guides here.

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26 Things That Happen When You Date a Bookworm!


These are hilarious!! I can totally relate!! “You understand references for books you’ve never even read.” Check out the 26 Things That Happen When You Date a Bookworm via Popsugar!

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Hawt or Not: 


JJ from The Book Bosses voiced what I’ve been thinking: Am I too old for the book world?  Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot guy as much as the next person but there comes a point where it becomes too much. At this point, I want something to be left to the imagination.

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Novel Sounds posted some delicious looking recipes to go along with some of your favorite books!

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K.A. Linde has a very special announcement about her Record series!! AHHH!!!

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Reviews I enjoyed reading!

Note: I haven’t read many of these books. I’m simply sharing my fellow bloggers’ reviews. I hope you find some book recommendations from these!

For the Record by K.A. Linde

FOR THE RECORD by K.A. Linde — 3 stars
Reviewed by Mollie from Tough Critic Book Reviews

“I did love the conclusion, the epilogue and how the entire series wrapped up, but the plot in this particular installment just left me a bit wanting.”

Heart Recaptured by Tllie Cole

Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangemen #2) by Tllie Cole — 5 stars
Reviewed by Totally Booked

“Ky and Lilah’s story was a gripping, passionate, unforgiving, heartbreaking and deeply emotional page turner. Tillie Cole is able take us right into her story to a point where we feel, breathe and experience word!”

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

MORTAL HEART by Robin LaFevers
Reviewed by Chapter by Chapter
“Apart from the fact that Annith really did annoy the bejesus out of me, I still came to adore this final installment in this series. Fans of strong female leads, unforgettable male interests, and a storyline that will keep your interests piqued right to the very end will really enjoy Mortal Heart along with the other books in the His Fair Assassin series.”

The Last Time We Say Goodbye

THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE by Cynthia Hand — 4 stars
Reviewed by Tina from Winterhaven Books

“his is the kind of story that can touch anyone and everyone that has a heartbeat. Heartbreaking and heart lifting, this was a beautiful book that captures the pain of losing a loved one and finding a way to move on. Completely recommended.”

Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover

MAYBE NOT by Colleen Hoover — 4 stars
Reviewed by Ava from Biblio Belles

“I love surprises like this one from Colleen Hoover; it’s a great addition to the Maybe Not series but can be read as funny standalone. I had several highlights because Colleen’s writing is hysterical. I loved the dynamic between Bridgette and Warren and felt so much more was going on that we were oblivious to during Maybe Someday. Job well done I say.”

The Sweet Gun Tree by Katherine Allred

THE SWEET GUM TREE by Katherine Allred — 5 stars
Reviewed by Under the Covers Book Blog

“THE SWEET GUM TREE is a riveting, gut-wrenching and emotional read that will touch every fiber of your heart. It left me both sobbing with hurt and smiling from joy. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect book! And when you pick this up, expect tears. Lots and lots of snotty, chest-hurting tears.”

His Jar of Hearts: A Broken Fairytale by S.P. Cervantes

HIS JAR OF HEARTS (A Broken Fairytale #3) by S.P. Cervantes — 5 stars
Reivewed by Autumn from Autumn Review

“I am super sad that this series is finished. I adore each and every one of these characters. I love what I’ve learned from them. I cherish these books, the stories, the life lessons, and I cherish my friendship with Susan that’s emerged from the books. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us all next.

Into the Deep by Samantha Young

INTO THE DEEP by Samantha Young — 3 stars
Reviewed by Mostly YA Book Obsessed

“I really liked about 3/4 of the book… then it unfortunately went downhill from there for me…Around the 85% mark, it was clear that this story would not end in a resolution. After looking up book 2 on Goodreads, I dreaded to find out that this story would be extended to another book. You all probably know how much this annoys me.”

Hollywood & Vine by Olivia Evans

HOLLYWOOD & VINE by Olivia Evans — 4 stars
Reviewed by Marta from Reading is My Breathing

“I really liked this couple and I really loved Josie’s personality. A female main character not annoying me is rare, so this is a huge plus. Josie took no shit and she knew what she wanted. She called Anders out on his bullshit and she just communicated, which is something a lot of book characters forget to do.”

Under Different Stars by Amy Bartol

UNDER DIFFERENT STARS by Amy Bartol — 4 stars
Reviewed by Erin from Fiction Fare

“here is a great mix of action, world building, and romance in this book which had me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. I definitely look forward to the next book in the series and if you enjoy a good Fantasy/Science Fiction series, I think you might enjoy this one – check it out!”

Love and Other Theories by Alexis Bass

LOVE AND OTHER THEORIES by Alexis Bass — 5 stars
Reviewed by Bri from Once Upon a Twilight

“My favorite thing about this book is how real it is. This isn’t a fairy tale story, in the sense that everything is sugar coated and happy. This is the closest to real life that I have ever read in a book.”

Make it Count by Megan Erickson

MAKE IT COUNT by Megan Erickson — 5 stars
Reviewed by Paradise of Pages


“This book is one that anyone who loves a little romance but also loves a book that helps you gain some self-esteem this is your book. You get the message that no matter what happens in your life, to pick yourself up and don’t give up.”

99 days by Katie Cotugno

99 DAYS by Katie Cotugno — 5 stars
Reviewed by The Starry-Eyed Revue

“99 Days was a hard book to read but also a very difficult story to put down. There’s just something so addictive in reading about someone else’s misery, especially when it’s so relatable. It’s hard to look away from something like that, and this story is no different.”

Darker Water by Lauren Stewart

DARKER WATER by Lauren Stewart — 5 stars
Reviewed by Three Chicks and Their Books

“Two people want the same thing–a commitment to nothing more than great sex in a bunch of different positions. Simple. Enjoyable. A win-win. Problem is, those two people have families and fears and pain that spill into every moment of their lives, control what they do and who they are.”

Last Will and Testament (Radleigh University Book 1) by Dahlia Adler

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT (Radleigh University Book 1) by Dahlia Adler — 4 stars
Reviewed by Three Chicks and Their Books

“Dahlia Adler’s writing is my type of writing style. Witty, hot, innuendo riddled- but not overkill. Add in awesome main characters, depth to the secondary characters, and a good plot and themes. This book had it all.”

The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

THE HOOK UP by Kristen Callihan — 5 stars
Reviewed by Christine from Shh Mom’s Reading

“Their first kiss – probably the best first kiss in the history of first kisses…it was bittersweet for me and I felt the passion emitting from my kindle; it consumed me.”

53 Letters For My Lover by Leylah Attar

53 LETTERS FOR MY LOVER by Leylah Attar — 5 stars
Reviewed by Nicely Phrased

“53 Letters is written in such a way that you get plenty of background without being fluffy. An unlikely love story that may be more common than not. Breaking barriers, taking chances, allowing yourself to be loved without remorse.”

The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting

THE LIBRARIAN PRINCIPLE by Helena Hunting — 3 stars
Reviewed by Lucia from Reading is My Breathing

“Romance got better in the second half of the book and there was some plot development after all. Unfortunatelly, banters and steamy parts were not enough to hold my complete attention and to make me feel enthusiastic about the characters.”

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