Book Review — Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead

Book Review — Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead
Book Review — Succubus Heat by Richelle MeadSuccubus Heat by Richelle Mead
Series: Georgina Kincaid #4
Published by Kensington
Genres: Adult, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

Georgina Kincaid has been a bad, bad succubus...

…which should be a good thing. But lately, thanks to her foul mood over breaking up with bestselling writer Seth Mortensen, she’s been so wicked that Seattle’s über-demon Jerome, decides to “outsource” Georgina to a rival—and have her spy for him in the process.

Being exiled to the frozen north—okay, Vancouver—and leaving Seth in the cozy clutches of his new girlfriend is unpleasant enough. Then Jerome is kidnapped, and all immortals under his control mysteriously lose their powers. One bright spot: with her life-sucking ability gone, there’s nothing to keep Georgina from getting down and dirty with Seth—nothing apart from his girlfriend that is. Now, as the supernatural population starts turning on itself, a newly mortal Georgina must rescue her boss and figure out who’s been playing them—or all hell will break loose…

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**Spoiler Free Section**

In Succubus Dreams, Mead gave you a glimpse of happiness, she led you to believe that things between Georgina and Seth could work out.  Then she took that mirage away.  With Succubus Heat, Mead emotionally gutted me and comforted me all at the same time.  This series is like the best kind of emotional whiplash.  Georgina Kincaid, I wish I knew how to quit you.

I’m at a loss as to what to say about this series.  I’ve waxed poetic about the Georgina Kincaid series.  Holy freaking crap. Holy freaking crap.  The end of this book SLAYED me!  When I read this book back in December, I was on such a high. I couldn’t think of any other book.  In fact, this series severely impeded my ability to read other books and royally jacked up my reading schedule.  Right after I finished Succubus Dreams, Nereyda, being the evil mistress that she is, made me read the synopsis of this book.  STOP! Don’t YOU read it if you haven’t read the first three books. I read it and just about lost my fruit loops.

This book is such a departure from the previous book in terms of the tone.  Georgie is clearly very upset and distraught over what happened in Succubus Dreams.  As if I wasn’t already protective over her, I felt that even more so.  The events that take place in this book gave me and readers everywhere what we’ve been wanting.  But the characters’ actions come with a cost.  A cost that could have left them in a worse off position than when they started.

Spoiler Section – STOP if you haven’t read the series

At the end of book three, Georgie finds out some pretty devastating news.  Her best friend, Maddie, had sex with Seth.  Though, Maddie is completely innocent; no one except for Georgie’s immortal friends had any idea that Georgie and Seth were dating.  The fact that Maddie didn’t know makes it impossible for me to hate her.  I tried and I just can’t.  Perhaps in another world (a world where Georgie didn’t exist), Seth and Maddie could have been perfect for each other, but I just don’t feel anything for them as a couple.

Because Georgie is so depressed, she’s snarky and bitchy to those around her, which gets on Jerome’s nerves. Jerome is the Archdemon of Seattle and the person in charge of Georige’s whereabouts and duties.  As a way to punish Georgie and to benefit him, Jerome sends Georgie on a reconnaisance mission to spy on Jerome’s rival, the Archdemon of Vancouver, Cedric.  He has been having issues with these crazy Canadian Satanists making a spectacle of themselves and, thus, pissing Hell off.  Under the ruse of helping Cedric, Georgie’s mission is to spy on Cedric and report her findings back to Jerome.

One of the things  I love most about this series is Georgie’s wit and dark humor.  Mead puts Georgie in these crazy situations. Here, she is put in charge of infiltrating these group of radical (and ridiculous) Canadian satanists who have no idea what they’re doing.  What happens is quite humorous.

“More Timbits?”
I shook my head for the third time. If I’d learned anything about the Satanists—excuse me, The Army of Darkness—in my breakfast meeting with them two days later, it was that they really liked donuts. A lot.

Succubus Heat is proof that Mead does not shy away from putting her characters in emotional situations.  The moment where Jerome disappears and the wave of sickness washes over Georgie, my heart stopped.  I knew what was happening and just waiting for the moment when she realized it too.  Georgie became temporarily human (well, more like human-like).

“I just feel like I got a raw deal here. The vampires are having a non-stop party. Me? I somehow get bad hair. Not sure the energy break is really worth it.”

For the first time in over two thousand years, she was afraid of walking down the street.  She feared everyday things that most of us would.  In addition to her humanly traits, she realized that she no longer needed to her energy fix to survive, which meant she could sleep with anyone and not take away their life energy.  Seth. SETH. SETH!!!  But Seth is with MADDIE.  WHY DOES MEAD DO THIS TO US???

One of my top favorite moments of this book is when Georgie walks from her apartment in Queen Anne to Emerald City Books in absolute, paralyzing fear.  She almost gets hit by a car.  Seth sees her and leads her to the bookstore, clearly recognizing that something is seriously wrong with her.  He sits with her and listens as she tells him what happened.

“I met Seth’s eyes, those beautiful golden-brown eyes that were filled with utter and complete shock as we both realized the full weight of what I had been about to say.  His hold on me stiffened. The casual embrace suddenly became so much more. I was acutely aware of every place we were touching and exactly how much distance was between the places we weren’t touching.”

Seth and Georgie’s connection is unlike any of other book couple.  From the beginning they’re doomed.  Like Seth Mortensen’s fans, I’m left wondering, “Are Seth and Georgina ever going to get together?”  With each book, that possibility seems more and more distance, adding to the sexual tension and further depressing me.

“Georgina,” he murmured, pulling me closer,” you are the world.”
I’d heard that somewhere before, but I was too overwhelmed to parse it much. I was too lost in Seth. Instead, what I said was unoriginal but absolutely true: “I love you.”

“I would have done it. I would have sold my soul for you. You and me…I told you. Something’s always going to keep us near each other…even if we aren’t together.”

Why you should read this series:

I would recommend this series to ANYONE who likes tension-filled but not over-the-top romances.  This series has some of the most quietly romantic scenes.  If you dislike cheating in books, then this series may not be for you.

5 stars

Review — Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead

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