Book Review – Succubus Dreams by Richelle Mead

Book Review – Succubus Dreams by Richelle Mead

Succubus Dreams is a thrilling and unputdownable read.  With each book the Georgina Kincaid series gets better and better. Before the end, I think my head is going to explode.  As if I wasn’t already dying to find certain things out, this book gave me a million more reasons to keep reading the rest of the books in this series in my spare time.  There is one MAJOR, I mean MAJOR HUGE GINORMOUS, reveal in this book.

Georgie and Seth are going strong.  They have figured out a way around Georgie’s sexual succubus limitations – which is pretty brilliant if I do say so myself.  Georgie is still fulfilling her agreement with Jerome that she made in Succubus Blues of being a full-time succubus and stealer of souls.  Though, there is trouble brewing in Georgie’s dreams.  Every time she gets an energy fix and sleeps, she dreams.  And it’s not just any dream, but vivid, unattainable dreams that leave her emotionally distraught.  Each dream reveals a little more than the one before it, like dabbling a carrot in front of her.  She wakes up almost completely drained of energy.

Georgie knows that it’s more than a dream.  She suspects it’s something supernatural and enlists Erik’s help to figure who or what is visiting her in her dreams.  As I’ve said before, the secondary characters in this series are really great and well-done. Erik is such a sweet old man.  Erik is a mortal with the ability to sense supernatural creatures.  He is also very perceptive and observant. He has always taken a liking to Georgina’s well-being, which was really heartwarming.  Here Georgie is a millennia old and she’s being grandfathered by a man who is, what, 65?  Their relationship only adds to the fragility of Georgie’s character.  Interestingly, Erik has always really liked Seth and has been a proponent of his and Georgie’s relationship.

“You talk and move around each other in a way you’re probably not even aware of. It’s like how lovers usually interact…but it’s something more too. You have a continual sense of each other, I think, even when not together. There’s a burning in the air between you….I’ve never met another of your kind who’s exactly like you, Miss Kincaid.”

Erik is unable to help her and refers her to a dream specialist by the name of Dante Moriarty who also happens to be a con artist, magician, and full-time bullshitter.  I really liked this new character. Dante was rather smart-mouthed and a lousy human being, but he was happy to help George.  His willingness to help Georgie was likely directly related to her attractiveness, but help is help.

As always Georgie is juggling more than one problem.  Seattle gets a new succubus named Tawny.  Georgie is assigned to be her mentor.  And she has her work cut out for her. Tawny is completely new, totally clueless, and has no idea how to seduce even the horniest guys.

“The School of Georgina is a harsh one.”

With the arrival of Tawny in Seattle, another supernatural creature comes along, an imp name Niphon — the very imp who brokered Georgie’s soul for Hell two-thousand years ago.  Georgie hates him. I hate him. He is nothing but trouble.  There was this darkness around him and was suddenly suspicious of his intentions.  My protectiveness came out.  DON’T YOU HURT MY GEORGIE!!  Basically Niphon was there to ensure that Tawny was being properly trained.  And by properly trained, I mean, getting laid.  But like I said, Tawny sucks.

Like the other books, Georgie and Seth’s interactions were my favorite part.  They share this deep mysterious connection that seems to be beyond just them.  Just when I thought trouble was behind them, that their love for each other could carry them through any rough patches, trouble stirs its ugly head.  Georgie has always been so cautious with Seth’s mortal status by refusing to sleep with him to preserve his mortal life.  Seth begins to worry if them being together will cause Georgina pain in the end when he is gone.  The fact that they’re worrying about this just shows how devoted they are to each other! Gah! I love these two.

“I love you, Georgina. You give me more joy than I ever expected to find in this life. I want to be with you…But not if it’s going to do more harm than good. I don’t want you to hurt.”

You might think that this book would be boring or too stale with Seth and Georgie together as a couple, but boring it is not. There is more than enough action and conflict in this book.  Not to mention the stellar plot twists in the end that shredded my heart.  At the end of this book, you will want the next book handy.  I was stunned speechless and more than a little bit emotional.  This paranormal series is in no way a light and fluffy reading. It’s emotional and will attack your heart when you least expect it. Richelle Mead is an evil woman, but gosh darnit I love her books (and her) to pieces.

Succubus Dreams by Richelle Mead

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