Georgie Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up #1: Succubus Blues + Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead

Georgie Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up #1:  Succubus Blues + Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead


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I really enjoyed reading this book the first time around last summer.  But I think I loved it more the second time around.  Georgina Kincaid is one of my favorite characters ever.  I’ve said this before, but I loved how emotionally delicate Georgie is for being a millennia old.

I absolutely loved seeing Georgina and Seth get to know one another.  With Georgie being as old as she is, she is still incredibly shy when it comes to Seth.  Of course, Seth is quiet and awkward himself.  Two shy people with incredible chemistry make for an interesting dynamic.

In Succubus Blues, we met all of Georgina Kincaid’s friends and fellow hellish colleagues — the obsessive compulsive vampire, Peter, who hosts dinner parties and Cody, the young vampire apprentice;  Hugh, the imp and collector of souls for hell, who doubles as a plastic surgeon and ladies’ man; Jerome, Georgie’s boss and Archdemon of Seattle who looks strikingly similar to John Cusack; and my dear Carter, Jerome’s BFF and angel.  I absolutely loved every single one of them.  By the way, I completely forgot that Georgie didn’t particularly like Carter prior to Succubus Blues.  He and Georgie’s friendship is so prevalent throughout the series.

Georgie and Seth’s friendship and budding feelings were slightly interrupted by Roman.  As much as I loved Seth, Roman’s sweet personality confused me in this one.  Who were you rooting for?  As charming and alluring as Roman was, he didn’t quite have this same connection with Georgie that Seth had.

I loved how Richelle Mead told the story of Georgina’s past and how she became a succubus.  Georgina was married in her human life to her one true love—a musician name Kyriakos.  But she betrayed him by cheating on him with his best friend.  When Kryiakos found out, he was devastated and left her.  The guilt from that was what drove her to become immortal.  Even centuries later, she still carries around so much guilt and sadness.  Did your heart break for Georgie like mine did?  Georgie is always so blue.

I still think one of my favorite moments of this book (and of the series) is when Seth and Georgie first meet.  Georgie is an avid reader and massive fan of Seth Mortenson’s Cady and O’Neill series.  She was so blinded by her obsession that, apparently, she had no idea what Seth looked like.  This made for an awkward first meeting.  Were you laughing at that as much as I was?

What did you think of the ending?  I still SWOON and sigh when I read the letter Seth wrote to Georgie.  In that note, it’s the first time we hear the adoring pet name that Seth gives to Georgie.  The meaning behind the term of endearment makes it even better. Normally, I’m not a fan of pet name, but Seth Mortenson can call me (or Georgie) anything he wants.

Question for those who are rereading:  (Don’t click if you haven’t read the ENTIRE series) View Spoiler »

What were some of your favorite quotes from Succubus Blues?  Here are some of mine:

“Well. Some things are so striking, they can’t help but draw attention to themselves.”
“And doesn’t that make you curious about what’s inside?”
“Mostly it makes me want to get some advanced copies.”
Advanced copies? What did he—?

“Honestly, my deepest longing was to have a normal relationship, to love and be loved without supernatural complications.”

“People didn’t usually ask me what I wanted from life. Most just asked me what position I wanted to do it in.”

“No one is punished forever,” he told me gently.
“Yeah? That’s not what I hear. Good night.”



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Succubus on Top is a very cheeky title.  Very fitting, don’t you think?  Okay, so Georgie and Seth are together.  *commence cheering*  How many of you were sad to see Roman go?

Being together isn’t exactly easy. Georgie and Seth have to learn to dance around any sort of physical contact.  I found myself getting sexually frustrated on their behalf.  Although, I did like the little work-around they discovered in the end. 😉  For me, the fact that they couldn’t have any sort of physical contact made their love for each other deeper.  There are few book couples that make me feel the love deep in my bones.  Georgie and Seth’s love does that to me.  What about you?

We meet another old friend of Georgie’s in this installment, Bastien.  He is an incubus and Georgie old partner in crime.  They used to work together in tandem years ago.  He comes into town with one goal in mind: to take down Dana Daley, a local right-wing radio host.  His plan?  To seduce her and then use their affair to ruin her.  Bastien ropes Georgie into playing his sister.  What were your thoughts of Bastien?

Mead did an incredible job at making me connect so deeply with this immortal creature by making her have so many human qualities.  What do you love most about Georgie?

What did you think of the event towards the end of the book?  I was so freaking pissed at Bastien for putting Georgie in that position?  He played on her weakness and her love for Seth. It was so cruel!! I get that it takes two to tango, but honestly, how could Georgie resist when he was coming on so strong?  What did you think of Bastien after that?  

As Nereyda was reading Succubus Blues and Succubus on Top, she kept texting me and having these revelations.  For those of you that are rereading the series.  Did you have any of those moments? Email me!!

Favorite Quotes:

“Being with you is a continual experiment in perspective, among other things.

“…being with you feels so right…like it’s always been meant to be.  You make me believe in a higher power for once in my life.”

“Thetis, I’d give up a part of my life to do any number of things with you.”
My interest flared. “Like what?”
“Well…isn’t it obvious?”
I leaned toward him. Maybe I was still high and suffering from weed-induced hormones—and hey, in another reality, shouldn’t we have been entitled to make-up sex?—but I suddenly and desperately wanted to hear him articulate what he wanted to do to me.
“Tell me.”
He shook his head. “I can’t. You know how I am.” His eyes narrowed intently. “I could maybe…I could maybe write it for you thought.”
“Really? Not in a published story form this time?”
“Yes, not in published story form.”
I must have looked expectant because he laughed. “Not tonight, Thetis. Not tonight. I think we both need some sleep.”

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