The List – Books That Have Stayed With Me

The List – Books That Have Stayed With Me

I got tagged to do this on Facebook a LONG time ago, so I decided to write a blog post on this. I’m sure you’re all shocked to see my answers since I never, ever talk about any of these books (#Sarcasm).

These books also happen to be some of my favorites. For one reason or another, these have stayed with me for one reason or another.

What are some of the books that have stayed with you?

The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

The Sea of Tranquility is a book I recommend to everyone, whether they read young adult books or not. It truly is a book for all ages.

I’ve read this book so many times and I find something I didn’t notice before and uncover some of its layers.

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Oh my Lordy! I still get shivers and all panicky when I think of the ending of this book. If you haven’t read this book, you need to read it pronto! Lauren Oliver’s poetic writing will make you feel everything the characters feel. Alex and Lena have the kind of love story that you yearn for in romance novels. It’s that one-of-a-kind special something that is indescribable. Lena’s fight for her own independence and her love for AlexI think that’s what made the book stand out for me.

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

I will never forget this book. Mud Vein is very polarizing. Readers either loved it or they hated it. I was one of the ones that loved it. Senna is one of the most unlikable characters but I fell in love with her. I don’t have quite the same coldness as she does but I see bits of myself in her, which was Fisher’s intention.
I felt my way through this book, no lie. Over a year later, I still find myself thinking about Senna and Isaac at random times, like when I’m driving in the car. I wonder what happened after the final word. “Senna.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


Succubus blues by Richelle Mead

The Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead

I know some of these books I talk about ALL THE TIME. The Georgina Kincaid series is one of the series you’re probably sick of me talking about.

If you love feeling so connected to a heroine that you want to be her friend, then you’d love Georgie. The entire series is in her POV and she is someone I want to have over for dinner.

Here is the series in a nutshell: Living a millennia without true love really sucks. Just ask Georgina Kincaid, succubus extraordinaire. Her employer is hell and her job is to sleep with men and collect souls for the dark side. Sleeping with Georgie comes with a big price — you lose precious years off of your life.

She’s lived innumerable lives and slept with countless men. But she’s sick of living this empty, meaningless existence. Then she meets Seth Mortensen, the best-selling author who pens her favorite series. Her world shifts and suddenly everything is in vivid color. Will she ever be able to have a semi-normal relationship? Will she ever truly be happy?

Succubus Blues: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Succubus on Top: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Succubus Dreams: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Succubus Heat: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Succubus Shadows: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Succubus Revealed: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven is one of my favorite books of 2015 so far. It’s a beautifully written poignant story about the end of the world and the connections we make in our lives. How each of our lives intersect. If the world would end tomorrow, what would you miss the most? What do you take for granted?

After reading this book, I can’t wait to go back and read more from Emily St. John Mandel’s backlist. She is so freaking talented. If you are searching for books with solid writing, check this one out.

Note: While this isn’t a romance, I would urge you to check it out because it’s JUST SO GOOD!

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Cricket Bell, you need to read this book. Lola and the Boy Next Door isn’t going to rip your heart out or make you ponder your own life like some of my other picks. But it is a cute love story full of quirks and hilarity.

What happens when the first boy you ever loved comes back into your life…and he feels the same way?

I’m better now,” He sets the apple beside me. “At kissing, just so you know.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Let’s be real for a second. Taylor Jenkins Reid needs to be on everyone’s radar. Her beautiful, simplistic writing style evoked a wide range of emotions in me. In After I Do it was CRAZY ANXIETY. In her debut, Forever, Interrupted, it was immense sadness.

It’s the story about a married couple who, after several years together, decide to take a year off their marriage. No phone calls. No text messages. Nothing. Told in the wife’s point-of-view, she has no idea what her husband is doing. What he’s thinking.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t know where he’s going. I don’t know how long he’ll be gone. All I know is that this might, in fact, be the end of my marriage. It might be the end of something I thought had no ending.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning Iced by Karen Marie Moning

The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

This series is such a wild ride! I started the series way later than everyone else, but I’m so glad I jumped on the train. The series follows a young MacKayla Lane as wanders the city of Dublin looking for her sister’s murder. But what she finds is a whole hidden world of the fae and one Jericho Barrons.

Barrons is a man of mystery and one hell of a character.

“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.”

Darkfever: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Bloodfever: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Faefever: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Dreamfever: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Shadowfever: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Iced: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Burned: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
PREORDER: Feverborn: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooksOut January 19, 2016

The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

Tarryn Fisher uses words as her weapon. This was her debut novel and WOW it does it pack a punch. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to.

This story is one that will leave you screaming and then swooning and then wanting to throw your Kindle. Olivia Kaspen doesn’t let anyone get close to her. She pushes everyone away. And then in college she falls in love with Caleb Drake. Their love story is infested with lies, ups and down. And it left me wanting MORE MORE MORE!


The Opportunist: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Dirty Red: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR
Thief: Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


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The List - Books That Have Stayed With Me

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  • I love so many books you listed! I really want to read After I Do not that I read and loved Maybe in Another Life. I also have been meaning to get to The Opportunist. Great list!

  • Why am I not surprised by most of these picks? I knew TSoT, Mud Vein, TO, Delirium and Forever I Do and Georgie would be on this list!

  • That is a great list of books, almost all of which are on my TBR list. I think one of the books that has always stayed with me is The Giver by Lois Lowry.

  • Ever since I caught one of your videos chatting about Station Eleven it’s been on my TBR. I plan to read it before the end of the year.

    • You absolutely must let me know if you pick it up! It’s great for when you’re in the mood for something different. It was positively captivating.

  • love this post and you know I feel the same way about 99% of these books!

    I also loved Emily St John Mandel’s first book — I can’t wait to read her other ones. Her writing is so gorgeous!

    That being said, the Love Me With Lies series is still my all time favorite! So I am SO excited for F*#& Love!

    • Hey!! I need to read her first book! I bought it and had her sign it when she was here in Kansas City (I even got a picture with her *dies* ).

      I’m so excited for F*** Love too!!

  • AWK. Lola is so cute!! I can never decide if I like Lola or Anna better…because I’m in love with Paris but MORE IN LOVE WITH CRICKET BELL. <3 So yes. And I totally want to read Delirium one day! I have this awkward relationship with Lauren Oliver's writing where I mostly love her books, but sometimes sort of don’t. (Vanishing Girls was insanely amazing though!)

    • I’m sooooooo in love with Cricket Bell too! He’s simply amazing. I didn’t love the last two books in Oliver’s Delirium trilogy but the first book really resonated with me. I hope you pick it up someday. 🙂

  • I added the Fever series and Station Eleven to my TBR list because they were so highly recommended by you! I’m excited to read them!

    • Gah!! You haven’t read the Fever series?? You’re in for a treat. That’s another series where every freaking book gets better and better (and more addictive). I’m telling you, dude, that the character development is off-the-charts awesome. And I would bet money that you haven’t met a fictional character quite like Jerricho Barrons before. He’s quite something. Smart, cunning, calculating and really freaking hot.

      And Station Eleven!!! Two of my book friends are reading it right now and I’m stalking them incessantly. I can’t help it. When you read it, I will stalk you too. You’ve been forewarned.

    • Oh and that’s really cool that you added them because of me. I hope you like them. If you don’t, you can shun me forever.