Around the Book Blogosphere #25 — Great First Kisses, Cinderella Book Tag, and Dear Authors

Around the Book Blogosphere #25 — Great First Kisses, Cinderella Book Tag, and Dear Authors

“Around the Book Blogosphere” is a feature to share posts from other book blogs or other book-related websites that I have enjoyed reading.  Book bloggers are a part of a community and this is my way of sharing the love. Enjoy!

TotallyBooked: Dear Authors

“We don’t want to read a hotchpotch of what this reader or that reader wants.  We want to read the book YOU WANT TO WRITE whatever that may contain or be.”

dear authors totally booked

Along the same lines, I saw this picture on J.C. Lillis’s blog and had to share.

writing advice

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Great First Kisses in Romance!! <3

Book Riot has a list of some of their favorite first kisses! What are some of your favorites?

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Happy Blogoversary to The Readers Den

The Readers Den turned three this month. To celebrate they’re giving away a TON of pre-orders!
Wish them a Happy Blogoversary and enter to win!

the readers den giveaway

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I Read For Characters!

read characters books

“Honestly, you can give me the most elaborate world building and creative story, but if the characters are flat and don’t have a personality, I will quickly lose interest. I’m delighted by complex characters, I love to see flaws and distinctive characteristics, and I need that voice to draw me in.”

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Trailer: Fall With Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

via Chapter by Chapter

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Top Ten Book for Reads that Like ______!

Pop! Goes the Reader (Historical) Two Girls on Books (Fantasy)
Snuggly Oranges (Geeky/Nerdy) Once Upon a Twilight (Fifty Shades)
The Starry-Eyed Revue (Friendship) Lost in Literature (Funtastic Stories)
Fiction Fare (New Authors) Paper Fury (Con Artists)
Effortlessly Reading (Contemporaries) Paradise of Pages (Fairies)
Lovin Los Libros (New Adult Contemp.)  What Sarah Read (Destroyer of Feelings)

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Fantasy Author Collaborations!

dream author collaborations

I stumbled up on Cait’s blog (Paper Fury) last week (I think on Reading is My Breathing). I absolutely love her posts! Check out some of her dream author collaborations. I would love to see Richelle Mead and Karen Marie Moning write something together. OMG I can’t even handle just thinking about that!

What are some of your fantasy author collaborations?

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Pretty Graphics: Under a Painted Sky

Jen from Pop! Goes the Reader made these beautiful graphics to go with Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee. Go to her blog to see all of the different sizes and grab one for your favorite electronic device while you’re at it

under a painted sky stacey lee

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Caged in Winter Cookies!

Get the recipe from Addicted 2 Novels! These are the cookies that Cade bakes for Winter in Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh.

caged in winter cookies brighton walsh

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Cinderella Book Tag

Check out Tiffany from For Those About to Read’s awesome Cinderella Book Tag!

cinderella book tag

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Official Paper Towns Movie Poster!

via Page to Premiere


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Reviews I enjoyed reading!

Note: I haven’t read many of these books. I’m simply sharing my fellow bloggers’ reviews. I hope you find some book recommendations from these! Click on the covers to read the whole review.

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren — 5 stars
Reviewed by Brandie from Waves of Fiction

“I read a lot of books, a lot of erotica and romance. I also have a lot of favorite couples. Max & Sara definitely went to the top of my list and I’m kicking myself for not reading this book a lot sooner than I did!”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross

Whatever Life Throws at You — 5 stars
Reviewed by Ashley from Nosegraze

“Whatever Life Throws at You was another book that I didn’t want to end. I loved all the characters—even the side ones—and I was addicted to the romance. Plus, this was another one of those books that made me all obsessed with sports and athleticism, I really like that!”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks |

Something Real by Lexi Ryan

Something Real by Lexi Ryan — 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Ali from Black Heart Reviews

“The first third of this book was a total emotional read for me.  I felt everything both Sam and Liz felt. Especially Liz.  But then they confront each other and something was missing for me. I got so angry that Sam didn’t fight for Liz, that Liz didn’t need him too.”

Amazon | Goodreads


Now Leaving Sugartown by Carmen Jenner

Now Leaving Sugartown by Carmen Jenner
Reviewed by Jen from Schmexy Girl Book Blog

“The end of the Sugartown series. So bittersweet! I don’t want to say goodbye to all these characters who I completely adore. From Ana to Elijah, to Holly and Jack, and now Sammy and Pepper, not to mention the secondary characters I’ve grown to love as family, saying I’m sad to see this series end is an understatement.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway

Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway — 4 stars
Reviewed by Fay from Xpresso Reads

“There is something so down-to-earth with the way it is written. There is no unnecessary or explosive or superficial drama among the characters. There is a “peaceful” atmosphere going on despite the big elephant of sadness in the room.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooksGR

Everybody Knows Your Name by Andrea Seigel and Brent Bradshaw

Everybody Knows Your Name by Andrea Seigel and Brent Bradshaw — 3 stars
Reviewed by Jaime from Fiction Fare

“So there’s a lot going on in this story, and like I said, not much of it is light and fun… I think my biggest issue here was the insta-love. I can get on board with it in some instances for sure, but it just didn’t work here for me.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Dark Debt by Chloe Neill

Dark Debt by Chloe Neill — 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Nereyda from Mostly YA Book Obsessed

“Dark Debt was another great addition to this series that is one of my all-time favorites. I ship Merit and Ethan something fierce! I’ll be sad when this series finally comes to an end, but at least I still have two more books to look forward to and a new series coming out later this year!”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR


Little Peach by Peggy Kern

Little Peach by Peggy Kern — 4 stars
Reviewed by Winterhaven Books

“I am honestly so broken over reading this. The story is quite simple, young girl who has nobody ends up running right into the wrong kind of help. That doesn’t even do the story justice, but essentially that’s what its about. Michelle gets sold every night for sex and without anybody reaching out to help her she stays in this horrible life.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Cruel Beaty by Rosamund Hodge — 3 stars
Reviewed by Pandora from Cristina’s Book Reviews

“While reading I was getting the vibe what the author was trying to push through with the ultimate (I will die for you) sacrifice of love but it fell short. She wanted a strong tie with Nyx and the prisoner Shade, it failed miserably. I understand love at first sight, who am I to judge. BUT how can it be love at first SIGHT with a shade of mist (eye roll-laughing) that’s not all folks!”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren — 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Jenny from The Review Loft

“It has all of the crazy sex adventures we’ve come to expect and love while also setting up Will’s story just a little ahead of Beautiful Player. Beautiful Bombshell is not a necessary read in the series but is a fun ride in between Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player. ”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord

The Start of Me and You — 4 stars
Reviewed by Sarah from Head Stuck in a Book

“I have to say how much I loved Max’s character, I really enjoy it when we have a geeky, nerdy guy as the male lead, which we don’t get enough of in YA contemporaries in my opinion.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Rock Hard by Nalini Singh — 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fran from Under the Covers Book Blog

“Without a doubt, ROCK HARD is my favorite book in this series. It rocked my world….hard. Heh pun intended. Now gimme more!”

Amazon: USUKCAN | GR

Broken Chords by Carrie Elks

Broken Chords by Carrie Elks — 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Brenna from No BS Book Reviews

“Even though some parts were very hard to read and made me see red, there was a lot of great about this book. Lara is an excellent narrator for this story, so raw and relatable. I could understand her struggles and how she thought about things. That is a huge part of what made this book feel so realistic. There is no drama for the sake of drama.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Confess by Colleen Hoover

Confess by Colleen Hoover — 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Cristal from Three Little Birds Book Blog

“The chemistry…it’s hard to explain these two together. I was so into them initially, but I lost interest somewhere in the middle of the book. I’m not quite sure what happened, and I sure as hell can’t pinpoint exactly what it was, other than just the quick progression of their relationship.”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid

Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid — 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Hildy from The Book Bosses

“Penny Reid is quickly becoming one of my favourites in this genre. Her characters are all so unique, quirky and interesting. This was definitely my favourite of the bunch so far. I fell in love with Drew and how freaking GOOD he was. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good guy, sexy, bearded poet?”

Amazon: USUKCAN | iBooks | GR

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