Giveaway – Dead Sky Morning (EIT #3) by Karina Halle ~ The Eerie Setting

Dex and Perry investigated a haunted lighthouse in “Darkhouse”, got chased by shapshifters in “Red Fox”, and solved the mysterious “suicide” of Parker Hayden in “The Benson”.  But arguably, nothing compares to a former leper colony haunted by those who died on D’Arcy Island, nicknamed “The Island of the Dead.”

“From 1894 to 1924, D’Arcy Island was the site of a (primarily Chinese) leper colony run by the Canadian and British Columbian governments.  Over the years, the lepers were left to fend for themselves, save for the supply ships that came in every three months to drop off food, opium and…coffins.  On the virtually escape-proof island, at least forty souls lost their lives to Hansen’s Disease.  Though difficult to access, today it stands as a park as part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.  A commemorative plaque plus a few leftover ruins and makeshift graves are the only reminders of the travesties that occurred there.”

~ Excerpt taken from Dead Sky Morning

So, naturally, Dex has the brilliant idea to take his good ole “partner” Perry to D’Arcy island on a little camping trip.  Dex plans to campout for a few days, film what happens for the Experiment in Terror webshow (which is gathering quite the following) and go home.  That should be easy.  What Dex and Perry don’t know is that a malevolent force doesn’t want them to leave. When it comes time to leave the island and take the Zodiac to the boat anchored off the coast, they run into a major problem.

Perry sightseeing.  Dex has the camera, as usual.

What made Dead Sky Morning so eerie was knowing that Dex and Perry were stuck on the island with nowhere to go and no way to escape, like the poor lepers.  Their way to communicate to the outside world was on a boat, a boat they couldn’t get to without risk of dying.  Trapped on the island, Dex and Perry live like it’s 1899, leper colony style.  But being in close proximity isn’t all that bad, right?  Brown chicken brown cow.

Wrong!  Things go downhill when this evil force threatens to pull them apart.  Just put yourself in their shoes. Okay, maybe Perry doesn’t have it all that bad, what with being trapped on the island with Sexy Dexy, but some crazy shiz happens.

Our favorite duo goes through a lot in this book.  Their partnership/friendship/relationship (whatever it is) is put to the test when they start to question each other.  They are left asking themselves, “Can I trust you?” Trust issues and a little help from Perry’s friend, Mary, lead to some of the most intense and action-packed scenes in the series so far.  In the end, Dex and Perry make it through together and come out stronger.  Even though Dex is with Jenn, the reader knows the jig is up.  Brace yourself for Lying Season. 

A little taste of the things you’ll find on D’Arcy Island

(Campsites available)
Rabid Raccoons


Friendly ghosts


Creepy babies


Mysterious coffins


The Reverend


And another damn lighthouse
Favorite Quotes

“I’m more observant than you think. Now, without any more jerking off from you, I suggest you get packing as fast as you can. I’ll help. Where are your bras and underwear?”
“What if I really am alone?”
“Baby, you aren’t alone. I’m here.”
“I need you.”
“I hope next time you feel – well, retarded – about yourself, you’ll remember that I think you’re…”
I looked up into his eyes. They were drunk, yes, but still absolutely mesmerizing.
He didn’t finish his sentence. Instead he said, “Sorry I licked your face.”

“I hated how easily my feelings got involved in every single thing he did or said. I always thought maybe it intensified when we were apart, you know, like a celebrity you’d pine after from afar. But it only grew when we were together. Sometimes it felt like looking at his face and just accepting the way things were between us was the hardest thing in the world.”


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