Georgina Kincaid Wrap-Up #3 — Succubus Shadows + Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead

Georgina Kincaid Wrap-Up #3 — Succubus Shadows + Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead

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First lines: “I was drunk. I wasn’t entirely sure when it happened, but I suspected it had occurred around the time my friend Doug had bet me I couldn’t take down three vodka gimlets faster than he could.”

At the end of Succubus Heat, Georgina is dealt another huge blow, further shattering her dreams of ever being with Seth. But Georgie shoulders on and with Maddie’s help, Georgie found the perfect place near the beach.  And she has a roommate — Roman.  He and Jerome made a deal at the end of Succubus Heat that in exchange for him being allowed to live, Roman has to do whatever Jerome needs him to do.  This left me frightened because Jerome could pretty much make him do anything.

Succubus Shadows begins with a housewarming/Halloween party.  Georgie is dressed up like a slutty Little Bo Peep,  Hugh dressed up like Calvin Coolidge (no one got that one), and my dear Seth is there wearing a Freddy Krueger t-shirt.

In this book I continued to feel so bad for Georgie!  Now that Maddie is working at the bookstore, she has to see Seth and Maddie together being all cute, though Seth tries to spare Georgie the pain.  But that’s not all, Maddie has even asked Georgie to help Maddie plan the wedding.  GAH!! How terrible is that?

In this book, Georgie runs into yet another problem.  When she’s feeling down or sleeping, she begins to hear this beautiful sound that beckons her to come closer to it.  She’s almost in a trance state when this happens.   When she awakens, she’s usually about to do something crazy like walk into the ocean or climb off her balcony.

I don’t know about you guys, but I was so happy she had Roman.  Dante was a crappy support system for her in Succubus Heat and did little soothe her aching heart.  Roman was there for her every step of the way.  Unlike Dante, he went the extra mile to

Eventually, she gives herself over to the sound and finds herself in a different world — a dream world.  In this world, she’s doomed to dream for all of eternity.  Her captors slowly drain Georgie’s energy and force her into a dream state, showing her warped glimpses into her troubled and emotional past.

My favorite quotes:

“I knew that I would love him forever.  For me, forever was a serious matter.”

“I don’t like people taking my things.” 


For those of you who have finished the series:

  1. Why do you think Jerome went after Georgie in the dream world?
  2. It’s unlikely Simone was in Seattle “on vacation.”  Who do you think sent her?
  3. Obviously Jerome and Carter are on opposite sides.  How do you think they’ve managed to keep their friendship, despite their opposing goals?
  4. What was your favorite moment of this book (aside from the end)?


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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! GAH!!!!  So many feelings!!!

In this book so many loose ends are tied up.  From the beginning of the series, Richelle Mead has drop some breadcrumbs and hints to clue you in on what’s to come.  Some of them were subtle, some not so subtle.

In the final book, Georgie and Seth are FINALLY TOGETHER! They both have come to the conclusion that they’re going to keep falling back to each other and refuse to fight the inevitable.  After the reveal of the dream in book 3, that’s what I held on to for dear life for the remainder of the series.  Not only did I want Georgie and Seth together, I wanted Georgie fully human with her soul back. I wanted her to get everything she couldn’t have in her mortal life.

I had a feeling Mead would get us there.  She would give us what we’ve been craving since Georgie said she would be Seth Mortensen’s sex slave in Succubus Blues.  Folks, we got our happily ever after.  But it was painful getting there.

With Erik’s dying breath in Succubus Shadows, he tells Georgie to find the second contract.  When he said that, I immediately thought there were two of Georgie’s contracts.  That somehow that was going to be the loophole to get Georgie’s humanity back.  I was floored to find out that it was not George’s contract that he was referring to but Seth’s contract.

Which leads me to my next statement: OMG SETH WAS/IS KYRIAKOS.  Not only that, but Seth was ALL of the men Georgie had ever loved and/or had a strong connection to.  Personally, I think Mead made it pretty obvious that Seth was somehow tied to Kyriakos.  But I did not see Seth as being all of the guys in Georgie’s past.

I won’t go into all of the dirty details here about how the contract situation worked out because you have read the book.  But suffice to say that I FREAKING LOVE ROMAN.  My heart broke into a million tiny pieces at the end of the trial.  Georgie didn’t get to say goodbye to him after he risked his life to save her.

I don’t remember which book it was but I remember Seth mentioning how he wanted to have an outdoor wedding.  When I reread this, I realized that he got what he wanted.  Now I want to know if Georgie got her ruby ring.

There is so much more that I could say, that I could talk about, but I want to hear from YOU!


  1. What were some of your theories as to how Georgie would become human again?  I want to hear them all!!
  2. Would you rather have a Vincent/Yasmine spin-off or a Roman/Carter spin-off?
  3. Did anyone else immediately hate Bastien after this?  (I did)

Favorite Quotes:

“You’re here less than a minute, Georgie, and already you’ve made this get-together fifty percent less classy.”

“Oh Georgina. You make everything we go through worthwhile. Everything.”

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