The List — Things I learned at the 2015 Romantic Times (RT) Booklovers Convention

The List — Things I learned at the 2015 Romantic Times (RT) Booklovers Convention

1. ) The Hyatt Regency Dallas has cool RT-themed room keys. *giggles*

My key said….

#TBT to last week. I was so amused by the Hyatt’s room key situation. #RT15

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And Hannah’s key said, “Ditch your roommate and go out with me.” Um…RUDE!

2.) The hotel bar is the place to hang out after a long day of panels.

Go to the bar!! Everybody will be there!  Are you missing one of your friends? She’s probably at the bar doing shots with her favorite author.

E.L. James even made a surprise appearance (for the third year in a row) at RT. I didn’t get a picture of her this year but I watched her from far away (that’s not creepy…I promise). I met her a couple of years ago at the RT in Kansas City, so I didn’t want to bother her. She was a class act.

One more tip: While you’re saving up for the registration fee, hotel, and flight, you should probably factor in drinking money because shoot son, hotel drinks ain’t cheap! Whew!

3.) Coffee is your best friend after all the late nights.

Speaking of going to the bar, you will be out late at night. Every night. But it’s totally worth it.

Coffee at the RT Book Convention

Shoutout to my new friend Shawnte Borris on the right (Follow her on Twitter)! She was chipper, upbeat, and so much fun!!

4.) Never underestimate the importance of looking into the right hole when taking selfies.

I don’t know about you but I always get paranoid that I’m not looking in the right camera hole or am looking off into space. You take a lot of selfies at RT, so you should probably practice.

5.) I get excited really easily…

Excited-Megan Romantic Times Book Convention RT 2015

6.) Case in point…Richelle Mead. LOVE HER!

Richelle Mead and Megan RT 2015

7.) You will see a lot of cover models wearing strange things. Just go with it.

And if you’re Mollie Harper (Tough Critic Book Reviews), you will think the building’s construction crew is part of the cover model show. Haha!

8.) You will get a lot of tote bags…filled with BOOKS and SWAG!

I would show you all the tote bags I got but they’re still filled with books. #StillUnpacking

I came home with AT LEAST six tote bags and 50+ books. Woohoo!

9.) Fangirling is totally allowed…

…in moderation of course. I tried to tone it down but when it came to Richelle Mead and Lauren Oliver I just couldn’t contain the excitement. I also got really freaking excited to meet Emma Chase, Christina Lauren, Kristin Dwyer, Nina Bocci, Alice Clayton, and Jennifer Probst.

Fangirling in moderation

10.) Lauren Oliver is pretty much the most adorable person on the planet.

Lauren Oliver is Adorable

11.) I will pay $20 for a breakfast buffet (more than once). The omelettes. OMG, the omelettes.

I don’t know what in the sam hell the Hyatt Regency Dallas put in their omelettes but THIS GIRL will cut a bitch for their omelettes with salsa. As I sit here, I’m salivating just thinking about it. Holy Lawd! Please give me the salsa recipe. Pleeeaasssee.

12.) Speaking of food, Texas really likes steak.

On Wednesday night, Fred, Hannah, Eve and I went to Hoffbrau in the West End. We had worked up an appetite after our first night and wanted SOME MEAT! My eyes were bigger than my stomach. I thought I’d woman up and order the Gent’s cut of smoked steak. And then I got this. I tried to eat it all….


…but I failed miserably.

Too Much Steak Hoffbrau

13.) Your book friends will totally recognize when an awkward moment turns into a book cover photo op.

Thanks Debbie for the picture. <3 Guess what book cover we thought of….View Spoiler ». Jennifer was not quite as dedicated to the hand-holding as I was. You can’t deny our love, Stiltner!

RT Photo Op: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

14.) Hannah is the best roommate ever.

Isn’t she adorable? She wins all the things. Hannah, thanks for letting me sing “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” from Mulan the entire time without slapping me. I couldn’t help it and you understood. You’re my lobster.

You should subscribe to Hannah’s YouTube Channel (bookwormstalk)!

Hannah BookwormsTalk and Megan reading books like a boss rt

15.) Fred is freaking awesome.

Fred, Eve, Megan, and Hannah. Fred is awesome.

16.) By the end of #RT2015, you’re freaking exhausted!

…so on Saturday after the evening events, Ali, Debbie, Hannah, Jamie, and I ordered room service and watched Legally Blonde. Note to self: Debbie and Hannah are very particular with their condiments, which made for a rather embarrassing room service call that ended in me giggling on the phone to the staff.

RT made Megan SO TIRED!

17.) Five days is not nearly long enough to spend time with your friends.

When it all comes down to it, the best part about RT are the bookish people. I met some new people and saw some old friends. Until we meet again….

Friends at RT Romantic Times Book Convention 2015Friends at RT — Romantic Times Book Convention 2015

What were some of your favorite book event memories?
Who’s going to RT 2016 in Las Vegas?

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