The List – Book Plots/Situations I Want to Read NOW!

The List – Book Plots/Situations I Want to Read NOW!

I found myself daydreaming a couple of weeks ago about storylines I’d really like to read about and thought it would be fun to write a post that contains all of the things that I’m in the mood to read RIGHT NOW! And then this post was born!

Do you keep a running list of storylines, plots, situations you want to read about like I do? I keep a mental list in my head. Or sometimes I’ll read a book and think, “Give me some more of that!”

And if you have any recommendations for me that you think I’d LOVE, tell me the title/author in the comments!

A love story where I have a visceral reaction to the characters…

Like I did in the Love Me With Lies series by Tarryn Fisher. I love it when I have STRONG FEELINGS towards the characters. When I like them and they may not necessarily be good people. When I have this BONE-DEEP connection to them that’s inexplicable. Yeah, all of that. Give me another love story like that.

Patient falls in love with his/her doctor/nurse.

I recently read a book that had this type of story in it. I won’t tell which which one because that might be spoilery and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Everyone knows it’s considered unethical for doctors and nurses to engage in romantic relationships with their patients. And in instances where there is a prior relationship between the health care provider and the patient, it may still be unethical. This whole thing appeals to me because of the forbidden nature. But not only that, this is a situation that would be easy to picture actually happening.

I’m not a huge fan of forbidden romances where the author has to overly fabricate everything to make something forbidden. It doesn’t feel real. This has the potential to feel real and go beyond the trope itself.

Ridiculously magnetic, charming beta hero.

You guys know I love a good beta male, right? I’ve been on the hunt for my next great beta male. I love it when a guy is sweet and sensitive with a ton of brains to complete the package.

I love these types of guys because their characters are usually more understated and sometimes tend to keep to themselves. When they do speak up, it’s extra awesome because sometimes the beta hero isn’t one for grand gestures and don’t say a lot.

Two people fall in love reluctantly.

I kind of just want to read a really simple love story, perhaps a more character-driven one about two people who aren’t looking for love but find it anyway with each other.

Yes, please.

 I’m supposed to kill you but I can’t because I’ve fallen in love with you.

This type of story has been done again and again, I know. But I’m welcome to recommendations! I love this story because there is so much room for great relationship development and conflicted feelings and romantic tension. ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE GOOD! (Again, I recently read a book with this storyline in it and again, I’m not going to tell you which one.)

Give me an alpha male who’s not too alpha to make me want to shank him and a heroine who can handle him.

I’m not a huge fan of alpha males in general. I don’t hate them all, but I’m don’t really like the ones who are alpha just because they crave control and the ones who like to rule over their women. That’s not for me.

I loved Barrons/Mac’s and Joss/Braden’s dynamics so much! I want to read another book/series with a dynamic like those couples. Both of those men were used to having the upper hand, but they weren’t jerks or assholes.  Barrons was cool and calculating and, sure, he had his questionable moments, but he acted in Mac’s best interest most of the time even if it pissed her off.

Or the reverse of that….The girl is overly confident and arrogant and has to work for it with the shy nice boy.

BECAUSE THAT HAPPENS. There are shy, nice boys who don’t necessarily want the super pretty, popular girl and that girl has to work for it. I know that doesn’t make sense but it’s what I want. (I do not, however, want a 90’s movie version.)

Thanks to my friend, Allura from Teacups and Bookends for this one. I totally agree!

 A historical/fantasy where the royalty/high class dude/dudette falls in love with the help.

I’m reading The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward. It’s a contemporary romance with this sort of storyline, BUT I kind of want to read one that’s either set in the past or one in a fantasy world with class systems.

This romance can be considered forbidden based on the time period or rules of the fantasy world, which I love. But what’s more is that it the hero/heroine has to overcome the boundaries that were put in place and look past the class of the person he/she fell for. The person has to fight to be with that person. Love has to win. I like that.

A book where it’s about normal everyday people living in the trenches of everyday life surrounded by brokenness of the world.

Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid, I’m looking at you. One of the reasons why Taylor Jenkins Reid‘s books are so appealing to me and many others is that her characters are everyday people, not beautiful models with designer wardrobes and all the money in the world. Her character fight with one another over parking spaces, they fart in public, they lose their house keys, and make Magic Shrimp Pasta for each other.

I want to read another love story that has the same feel as that her books have with everyday people as characters.

A story where the person in the book falls in love with the reader.

I’ve seen this in a graphic floating around social media. This would be so cool!

A book where the couple breaks up in the beginning and then you see them fall in/out of love as their love story is told in reverse.

They break up in the beginning and meet at the very end. Romance meets Memento. Oh man, this type of story has the potential to be SO FREAKING AWESOME! Someone please write this. I’m thinking this book could end happily or not. I don’t care either way. I think the key with this one is that the reader has to be so in love with the characters TOGETHER so that the ending (first time they meet) packs an emotional punch.

The List - Book Plots/Situations I Want to Read NOW!

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