The Totally Doable 2017 RBLB Reading Challenge

The Totally Doable 2017 RBLB Reading Challenge

I’ve been wanting to do a reading challenge for a few years! So, I decided to do my Reading Challenge for 2017 and we can do it together. Some reading challenges can be a little overwhelming, so I tried to make this one easy and doable (hence the name). And it can be used with other reading challenges in case you’ve already committed to one!

If you want to join along, just download the graphic and printable below and write in the books you pick! If you post on social media, use the #2017RBLBReadingChallenge hashtag so we can follow along! I’m so excited!

Who wants to do this with me?

The Totally Doable 2017 RBLB Reading Challenge

I have a challenge graphic and a printable for you to keep track of the books you read!


The Totally Doable 2017 RBLB Reading Challenge Printable


You might have some questions:

Do audiobooks count? Yes, they do! There really aren’t any rules. Just try to find books that fit into the challenge. Good luck!

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The Totally Doable 2017 RBLB Reading Challenge | Reading Books Like a Boss


  1. I am terrible at challenges, I only ever finish Goodreads challenge and nothing else LOL But this one sounds like fun so I am joining in 🙂

  2. Ooh, this is definitely a reading challenge I can get into! I’m in!

  3. This sounds like my kind of challenge. I am now trying to decide which books to read for them so I can do a challenge blog post on my blog. Definitely joining it. Thanks for an awesome doable challenge.

  4. I love this idea, and I think I could pull it off!!

  5. Love this!! Will be adding to my challenges!

  6. Shannon Watz says:

    Can you participate in the challenge if you are not on social media?
    Thank you!

  7. I just printed your reading challenge – I am going to attempt it 🙂

  8. Just printed this off! Can’t wait to tackle it!

  9. Meg,
    I just printed this off and I’m excited about doing this challenge. I haven’t did one like this before but believe it will be fun.

  10. This is a challenge I can get on board with! I think I will actually be able to finish this one. I am pretty bad at year long challenges. The only one I did this year was the Goodreads challenge. I wasn’t going to sign up for any again for 2017, but I am thinking I will do yours and the goodreads challenge. I am excited! 😀

  11. Jenny Vee says:

    I’m in!

  12. I’m IN. I think I can pull this off. I’ll do my best. Hopefully. 🙂


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